Before/After Images: Software for creating picture comparisons

The software Before/After images supports the generation of before / after image comparisons. In a before / after photo comparison, two or more photos are placed as tightly as possible about each other. Ideally, the photos are taken from the exact same Location. This software helps the user to accurately align, resize, crop, zoom and save the photos.
Screenshot Before/After image
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For examples of interactive before / after image comparisons see the Gallery and/or
How it works:
  1. The input folder is selected.
  2. The main image is loaded into the left area of the software.
  3. The comparison Images are loaded into the right area of the software.
  4. For each image can be set two reference points.
  5. The software scale, rotate and move the photos so that the reference points lie exactly over each other. The result is displayed in the preview.
  6. With the cut lines, the user can determine the section of the photos, which he wants to use.
  7. After setting the output options (size, file format, location, etc.) the comparison photos can be stored.
  8. The photos can now e.g. be used in a website or a book.

  • Comparison images of historical recordings (glaciers, settlements, landscapes) to today.
    Example glacier comparison...
  • Before / after comparison photos of renovations and refurbishments (outside and inside).
  • Before / after comparisons of natural events (floods, avalanches, landslide, etc.)
    Example flood...
  • Before / after comparisons of housing developments (Green meadow before construction, house at end of construction).
  • etc.